Welcome to Bobcat Boosters

BHCS has enjoyed the support of two groups; its Parents Teachers Friends (PTF) and BEEM.  After many years of hard work and dedication, we've decided to join forces and unite as one.

Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, Bobcat Boosters will exist to serve the BHCS community with volunteer resources, community events, and grants both large and small. 

Coming together will help us be efficient with managing grant requests, distributing financial awards, coordinating volunteers and hosting events.

Changes you can look forward to:

  • All donations are now tax-deductible; this was not an option for past PTF gifts.
  • All volunteer opportunities (outside of the classrooms and library) are now easy to access.
  • All grant requests are now submitted in the same way.

Our board is made up of leaders from PTF and BEEM.  You can learn more about us here. We'll soon have more information avaialbe on how to join one of our teams.

We're really excited and hope that you are too.  Stay tuned.  There is so much more to come.